Twins vs Orioles – 5.6.10

On Thursday, May 6 we met Josh & Robyn at Brit’s with the plan of playing trivia…our plan failed because they weren’t doing trivia that night so the 4 of us had some food and decided to call it an early night, especially since Robyn wasn’t feeling 100%.
Up close & personal
The Twins game had just started when we left dinner and so Chris and I decided to walk towards Target Field to see what kind of tickets were available. I was surprised to find that most of what people were selling were Legends Club – spendy tickets – and they were actually offering a decent deal if someone was looking to spend more than $20 to get in. We were in the perfect situation to name our price…the game had already started, it was a Thursday night and it was RAINING…so we did and it worked out great! We paid $20 for 2 tickets which is less than face value for ONE ticket which is good because we never actually found our seats.
First Base
We took advantage of the bad weather & the fact that we weren’t actually planning on going to the game to get to know Target Field a little more. I think we walked the entire first concourse and then some, stopping occasionally to watch the game from wherever we could find space. There is plenty of room for people to stand behind the seats and in some places they even have space heaters above your heads!
Center Field
We did a lot of walking and talking and looking around which was really nice. At one point Chris said “Now this feels like the home of the Twins” which is awesome because at the game in April we both commented that it was more like going to an Away game than watching a Home game.
Right Field
We stayed until the final out was recorded in the 9th and then took off on our mile-long walk back to the car. I don’t know how the conversation got started but we ended up talking about the couple times we hung out before we actually started dating. It was really fun to reminisce about different events of both nights and what we each remembered. We have had so many fun times in the past few years but it seems like those will always stick out!



2 Responses

  1. I really love your spontaneity as a couple! You two are so fun!! 🙂 I’m loving these blogs…keep them coming! Also, the picture of the two of you at the game is a really good one! Love you both!

  2. […] to walk over and see if we could scalp tickets. You can read all about the Twins game adventure here. Chris’s Review We met up with Nikki’s brother and girlfriend and hit up Brit’s […]

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